Šilo (Island Krk)

About this destination:


Šilo points out as Dobrinjština tourist center,  a typical coastal village intended for those seeking a holiday away from all the summer rush and crowds. It is one of the earliest settlements in Dobrinjština and it is believed to have been founded by people from Crikvenica and Selce,  which is evident in the various surname roots drawn from these places. With tourism development Šilo gained importance, and in the early 20th century was one of the essential links of the island to the mainland. For these reasons in year 1905. in Šilo was established Krk Steamship Society, which in the same year opened regular boat connection Šilo – Baška – Crikvenica .


Although Šilo does not offer visitors and tourists any hotel services , it certainly makes up with private accommodation and Auto-camp “Šilo “.  Also , Šilo offers authentic dishes and beverages that can be found in several local restaurants.

16th August is the Feast of St. Roko , and also the celebration of the day of the settlement, which has been practiced since the mid-19th century when the area around the island was infected by plague . People from Šilo have , like many others, vowed to St. Roko to spare them from the plague, which resulted in St. Roko votive procession from the fields to the church of St. Nicholas in Šilo.

In Šilo, You can find the following facilities:
Post office, grocery store, pharmacy,  ATM, restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, kiosks, boats, water sports, tennis, soccer …