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When we talk about the tourist centers in Istria, Medulin certainly stands out as one of the most famous places in which life is completely focused on tourism. In that Istrian village, every summer is colorful and dynamic, and coastal seas and beaches are full of tourists and visitors from all over Europe. Compared to the summer, during winter it is a lot calmer and more peaceful life flow. Long before tourism, Medulin was just a small fishing village which is backed up with numerous postcards and photos of local residents.

Uniqueness and specificity of Medulin makes long sandy beach Bijeca. It is known that Istria has no long sandy beaches, because of its elevation and the soil, so therefore Bijeca uniqueness gives advantage to all those who love sandy beaches.



In terms of accommodation, Medulin offers two campsites, one of which is a nudist one. There are also  three large hotels, several small family hotels and numerous apartments in private accommodation.


As a curiosity, highlight is the Medulin Bay and its several islands that can serve as its own secluded beaches. But for those looking for an adrenaline rush, Medulin can bring you experience deep under water or high in the air. The offer is varied, and it is completely on You to choose your ideal holiday .

Municipality of Medulin

With its 29.35km2 in the south of Istria is Medulin Municipality, one of the largest municipalities in Istria region. It has about 6500 residents across the eight settlements that are located along the coast. Settlements are Medulin, Premantura, Banjola, Pomer, Vinkuran, Vintijan, Valbonaša and bay Pješcana.

Numerous remains of settlements, built stone walls surrounded by concentric circles are evidence of prehistoric settlement in Medulin area. In this area the Romans built their villas recognizing natural beauty of Medulin landscape. One of the richest villas is located on a peninsula Vižula, and dates back to

Among other cultural heritage, should be pointed out the parish church of Sv. Agnes (1912 .), which is a typical motif with its two 33 meter high towers.

Continuity of care for their own place is showed by historical dates, like 1909. when residents established the Society for the Beautification of Medulin. The former works were characterized by voluntary work of locals, some of which are certainly highlights forestation of Kašteja peninsula, which proudly carries the status of the park forest. The exceptional beauties of this area attracted in the early 20th century Paul Kupelwieser, Austrian magnate and owner of the Brijuni Islands. Planning to develop tourism, he also bought a part of the Medulin coastline along the peninsula Kašteja.

Medulin, the settlement and municipality, is among the main attractions of Istrian tourism and one of the most popular seaside destination. In the area of this specific Mediterranean landscape, every visitor will find their dose of peace and quiet or a dynamic and meaningful holiday.