Malinska (Island Krk)

About this destination:

Malinska is located in the northwestern part of the Island Krk, in a wooded bay on the Dubašnica area, which is named after the dense forest called Duba. Malinska is also one of the sunniest places on the Croatian coast, and therefore has 2200 hours of sunshine per year, making it proclaimed the ideal place for medical tourism in the 19th century. This certainly contributed to the mild climate and rich vegetation of the island and the lack of wind. Therefore it is clear why Malinska is known as a place that has long been known to combine tradition with the latest developments in the tourism industry .


In history, Malinska was a favorite tourist destination for Vienna aristocrats. Even in the 15th century, it is referred to as a safe harbor where ships shelter during strong winds. The advent of steamships in 1866. Malinska becomes from the port for wood wxport, to a health resort.

Malinska is today one of the best resorts on the island, known for its beautiful beaches and developed family hospitality tourism.

From nearby towns and places, there is a place called Porat (Italian port = port ) , peaceful destination where the population in the past lived from fishing, while today it is mainly devoted to tourism.